Schweigaards gate 15, Oslo

About the project

Schweigaards gate 15 was designed by architect Henry Bucher and was built in the period 1919 to 1926. The building was designed and built for Oslo’s Railway Customs Office, but since then has also housed several other government agencies. When the building is completely rehabilitated, we take care of the history, while at the same time lifting the building into the future. This means that through a carefully selected interior concept, we will enhance the building’s unique details. With exposed concrete, solid iron, original color tones and dark wood, we emphasize the building’s historical roots. Rehabilitated with respect for history: Through rehabilitation and restoration of the existing building stock, Tollgaarden will be transformed into one of the city’s most distinctive office premises. Entra has big ambitions for the building. The property’s almost 100-year history will be continued in a forward-looking and inviting package. In Tollgaarden, we will offer modern and space-efficient office premises with all the facilities that future tenants want. The building will have the opportunity to have its own co-working concept, as well as its own café. The latter will not only be an attractive offer for the building’s tenants, it will also provide catering and life in the square in front of the building.

The project's location

Logg inn