About us

The best choice for your sprinkler installation

Sprinkler Kongen AS is a newly established staffing company within the installation of sprinkler systems. Through many years in the industry, we have gained a lot of experience and broad expertise which in turn ensures you as a customer high quality from start to finish.

We have had projects within commercial buildings, garage facilities, hospitals, schools, office premises and major private real estate projects. No challenge is too small or large, whether you need one employee for a short assignment, or several employees for a long-term assignment, we at Sprinkler Kongen AS can help you.

We hold the necessary certificates and have expertise in current regulations and standards to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with Claim. Sprinkler Kongen makes sure that you get the right person for your project to ensure quality at all levels.

We provide:

* Personnel responsibility

* follow-up on construction site

* tools, work clothes and protective equipment

* salary, holiday pay, sick pay and employer’s contribution

* HSE card

* courses such as heating worker, lift, CPVC, Aquatherm red pipe, etc.

* Insurances such as liability, occupational injury, leisure accident, health insurance.

You as the tenant are responsible for:

* Introduction and daily follow-up of person

* Responsibility for control of performed work tasks

* HSE in the workplace

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