There are a number of different sprinkler systems on the market. No matter what type of sprinkler system we can assist. Sprinkler Kongen AS performs periodic maintenance of all types of sprinkler valves, such as: Wet valves

  • Dry valves
  • Glycol plant
  • Pre-action
  • Deluge valves

Regular maintenance of automatic fire extinguishing systems is a prerequisite for them to function as intended over time. Our FG-approved certified maintenance technicians perform annual maintenance on sprinklers, water mist and foam fire extinguishing systems.

Should you be interested in maintenance, please contact us for a non-binding price offer. You can send an email to or call us on telephone number 48500420 . We are ready to assist!

Sprinkler Kongen AS is not FG-APPROVED but we are in the process of courses so we hope to be FG-APPROVED during 2022-2023

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